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The Charming Tyrants

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Food, Fun and Fabulousness - Faber Family Reunion

On Saturday we had a family reunion on my dad's side of the family.  We have a large family, just in case you were wondering my grandparents had 10 kids and they had 41 kids and they had  . . .

and they had . . .

oh, who am I kidding I have no idea how many kids their kids had except among my own siblings or how many kids their kid's kids are now having.  So including spouses that's a lot of people.  And I am not going to tax "zee little gray cells" trying to figure it out.

So we wore name tags!

We haven't had an organized family reunion in probably 10 years or more, most reunions have happened by default at the occasion of either a wedding or a funeral.  So it was fun to get together and actually have a chance to get reacquainted and visit a little bit.

 The Faber family clan.  At least those of us who came.  I would guess that we were missing about half.
 "Those kids don't know what they're doing we should go teach them how to play!"
 "How was that?"
 "You call that a serve?!"
 "I just wish they wouldn't hit it out of bounds."
 The kids had so much fun rolling down the hill.  These are my cousins twin girls.  So does any one know . . . does that make them my second cousins or my first cousin once removed or is it twice removed or would that be their kids if they had any.  I can't figure it out and it makes my brain hurt trying!
 My little one, tuckered out.
Logan, "Do I know you?"         Warren, "Wait . . what?"
 My brother Phil, pontificating, he's good at that.
 Uncle Paul's family.
 Uncle Stanley's daughter Heidi and her family.
 Uncle Randy, Aunt Annadelle, Uncle Paul and Uncle Dorian.
 Uncle Randy's son Travis and his family.
 Aunt Annadelle and her family.
 Uncle Dorian and his family
 My sibling and their families.
 My two kids and my nieces and nephews.
My brother Phil and his family.
 My brother Al and sister-in-law Connie.
Two of my Uncle Clinton's kids and their family.
 My brother hired a blue grass band to entertain us and they were fabulous.
Aww.  Me, hubs and our two boys.

All the photos are courtesy of Dr. Dave Boettger, a friend of the family who very generously agreed to come and take pictures of our unruly mob.  Thanks Dr. Dave.


leila said...

Love your comments!! It was a GREAT time :) Blessings on you and yours today!!!

Annette said...

Great post!
It was fun even if I didn't know half the people there... ☺ I actually "knew of" and recognized more people than I thought I would.

MDJones said...

Wow! You are fast...I'm feeling a little motivated! thanks for sharing all the fun pics. I think this needs to happen every 2 years!

Tammy said...

Your cousin's kids are your first cousins once removed :) (I'm a genealogy fan!).

Michelle DeRusha said...

I love family reunions...and yours looks super fun!

Sara said...

What an amazing experience! I have a very small extended family, and we don't really communicate a lot. So, I can't imagine a big family celebration like this. I wanted to thank you so much for your words of encouragement. And I truly respect and value stay at home moms. It is such a hard job! It's funny how dealing with a room full of teenagers is easier for me than dealing with a two and four year old. :-) I think you're absolutely right about the values aspect of it.

Thanks so much for reading my blog! I never know if it's worth anything, but I love doing it.