The Charming Tyrants

The Charming Tyrants

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God didn't promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow, sun without rain, but He did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears and light for the way. - Anon

Monday, December 24, 2012

A Christmas List

It seems that, especially at this time of year, everyone has a list, whatever it may be we put it on a list.  Whether we shop for groceries or Sub for Santa, we all have our lists.  Our children have a list for Santa. We adults have a list of things to do, preparations to make, places to go, for groceries, gifts to buy and a list of bills to be paid.  We spend a lot of time stressing over our lists, we cross one thing off and then add another two.  In our efforts to do it all we wear ourselves out, we become discouraged, that perfect moment we hope for is elusive and often lost in our own exhaustion and sometime short temper.  We convince ourselves that if we can just do it all, everything will be all right, but it rarely turns out the way we thought it would or should because we are trying to live up to a standard that is only possible with a screenwriters imagination and a Hollywood budget.

So this Christmas I would like to offer you a different list, my list, a gratitude list.  Rather than focusing on what I think needs to be done, I'm going to focus on what has been done for me.

Things that I am grateful for, the gifts in the ordinary things that I so often overlook in all my busyness.

Things like:
  • a love note on the mirror in the morning
  • an early morning cuddle with a boy or two
  • a kiss on the cheek
  • clean sheets on the bed
  • an old fashioned game of Scrabble
  • a humble winner and a gracious loser
  • a boy remembering his brother when a treat is offered
  • a sister, whose door is always open
  • a willing babysitter
  • brothers who defend me
  • the delight a boy takes in Winnie the Pooh
  • the first day of Kindergarten
  • a walk to/from the school bus stop
  • soap bubbles on the breeze
  • a boys fascination with birds on a wire
  • a book read by a boy learning to read
  • lunch with a friend
  • Sizzler on a Sunday after church
  • a boy who likes to eat broccoli
  • hot tea on a cold day
  • a finished quilt
  • that stillness that comes at the end of the day
  • and that I am forgiven.


Forgiveness our greatest need, the greatest gift given in our savior, that gift we all so desperately need but all too often fail to ask for or to offer.

I hope and pray that this year you will find that gift, in both the giving and the receiving, and that in the finding you will be blessed, beyond measure.

Merry Christmas

"Glory to God in the highest
and on earth
good will toward men."
Luke 2:14

Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Caroling We Went

When we were kids, nearly every year at Christmas time Dad and Mom would pile all eight of us in the car and take us christmas caroling to folks they knew, family, friends, those from church and sometimes my Dads co-workers.  Being one of the littlest I didn't always understand or appreciate my parents need to bless those folks.  I was also a shy and introspective child and sometimes resented being put at the center of attention and asked to perform.  Mom would spend the day baking and we would deliver a loaf of fresh bread and a jar of homemade jam along with our singing.

All that to say we went caroling with a group from church and the boys had a fabulous time, entertaining themselves and those who enjoyed our singing.

We went to the VA and to two assisted living centers.

EM found himself a place to sit, much to the delight of these folks.

The other littles decided to dance while we sang.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Super Mario Brothers!

So for Halloween this year HT decided that he wanted to be Mario.

And that pretty much meant that EM had to be Luigi.

I must admit they did look stinkin' cute in their costumes and it pretty much put a smile on the face of all who saw them.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Again

Before we leave the birthday wishes I wanted to post a few more photos.  We did actually sing to the boys on their actual birthday's.

EM's birthday was the sixth and rather than making a cake we used the leftover cupcakes from the party.  Three is such a cute age and I am really loving watching him grow, I just wish I could keep him little awhile longer.

He thought the candle was candy and took a bite out of it after he blew out the candle and then didn't eat the cupcake.

HT's birthday was on the seventh and he asked if I would make him his very own birthday cake so I did.  Don't you just love my frosting job?!  I ought to be on "Cake Boss" or something, don't ya think!?

I ran out of the white frosting and had to finish with the green.  He loved it any way and loved being the center of attention.

I do love this boy!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Happy Birthday to You and You and You and You and Me

There now we are caught up through November 24th.  Well sort of, I may re-hash Halloween and Thanksgiving, but that's another post.

So since I last posted a lot has been going on or at least it seems like a lot, or I could just be making excuses for ignoring this blog and the pleas for another post.  I don't know why you people stick around.

Anyway . . . way back in September we celebrated my sisters birthday and it was a big one, not that I'm telling or anything but there was a 5 and a 0 involved.  Not that she looks a day over 39 again.

Then in October we celebrated EM's third birthday and HT's sixth birthday.  We had one big party for the both of them and invited both friends and family.

We also celebrated my boy's Grandpas seventieth birthday, but looking back through the pictures I failed to get a single one.  We had the lovely privilege of having he and Grandma here for the occasion.

And my birthday . .  well my birthday was spent very nicely.  Hubs took me out for a romantic dinner and the best part is that Amex picked up the tab in a round about way, you see it was their "Shop Local" saturday campaign so we ate at a local restaurant, spent at least $25 and will get a $25 credit on our next bill.  Fabulous!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Color Run

Long about mid September in celebration of someones 50th *cough* (Auntie's) *cough* birthday we had a houseful of people, the most wonderful people in the world and they decided that the monumental thing to do besides the party we had planned for the actual birthday day was to join in the fun of the 5K Color Run.

Team Faberlicious!

Now lest you should start congratulating me on getting off my arse and exercising, I did not go but sent my dear sweet eldest boy instead.  I have issues with my feet and working in retail isn't helping, but that's another story for another day perhaps.  Besides someone needed to take pictures.
Anyway . . . the point of a color run, besides the obvious, there are no winners or losers, is to have fun, that is if you call getting pelted with multi colored chalk along the way fun.  Oh, and they recommend that you wear all white. T-shirts were ordered for the occasion, even though the event provided one as part of the entry fee.

...and they're off!

The aftermath!
Lest you think I walked away unscathed, someone thought it would be funny to place a chalked hand on my backside!

He said he was just adjusting the sticker . . . riiight. . .

I was very proud of my little racer, he ran/walked the whole way.

Monday, October 29, 2012

State Fair

Before I get done remembering September you all will probably be sick of hearing about it, but maybe too you will understand just how busy and hectic things have been around here or it could just be an excuse for my laziness in not blogging about it when it happened.  Anyway I have this idea that somehow I must do these posts in chronological order.

And truth be told I have nothing much to say about our trip to the state fair except that we again enjoyed the company of good friends, while we walked "forever" in the hot sun, the boys rode the rides and saw (and smelt) the animals.

So I'll just say it in pictures.


Sunday, October 28, 2012

First Day of School

Yes I know what day it is and yes I know that this post in nearly two months after the fact.  Sometimes remembering is like that.  Sometime distance creates perspective.

Sometimes I have know idea what I am talking about.

Anyway, September was full to the brim with happenings not the least of which was HT's first day of school.  He is really enjoying himself and most of all loves riding the bus and his favorite part of school is recess.

Someone was not very happy about being left behind and still thinks he ought to be able to ride the bus to school also.

And speaking of school, for some strange reason I volunteered to teach a monthly lesson on "Art Appreciation" to HT's classroom.  Only for the love of my son.  The binder they gave me is full of things that seem to me to be more than a Kindergartener has the attention span for or the aptitude for.  Perhaps I give them too little credit.  Either way . . . heaven help me!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Mama Mia!

I don't know about you but these last couple of months have been a whirlwind.  I barely remember the happenings in August, except that one of my very beautiful nieces came to stay with us for a few months.

HT and EM decided that she was Princess Peach and made her a crown.  They also made a Mario and Luigi hat for themselves and a Toad head for their papa.  Can you guess what they want to be for Halloween?

Once they all had their hats on, they went for a walk around the neighborhood.

I'm pretty sure that Papa will be none too happy with me for sharing this picture, but here's the deal:  I love him even more for it.  I love that he is willing to be silly for the enjoyment of his children.  That he is comfortable enough in his own skin to put on a goofy hat and go for a walk.

They probably won't remember this specific day, but I hope that they will remember this (when they are teenagers with an attitude), the love their father has for them, the humility he has shown and his faithfulness to his family.