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The Charming Tyrants

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It Went Well

So yesterday was HT's first day of preschool.  He had a good time.

"Look, Mama, dey have fish!"
Can't wait to go back.

He is in the 4 year old class, even though he is two weeks shy of his 4th birthday.  It was that or not going at all and he has been demanding all summer, "Where's my school?"  The school administrator says that about 1/3 of the class are first timers also and that they won't be going on to kindergarten next year either.  We are grateful for this opportunity and  he wouldn't be here if it weren't for the generosity of a certain Auntie.  Thanks.

When I told him yesterday that it was time to go to preschool, he wondered where the bus was and when I explained that I would drive him, he was a little bit disappointed, but was so happy to be going that he was willing to let me take him.

When we got there, the classroom wasn't ready yet and we had to wait in the foyer.  He took the opportunity to stand there and tell everyone as they came in the door, "Welcome to my preschool!"

Once the classroom was open he went straight in put his sunglasses in his cubby then introduced himself to the teacher using his full name,  like he'd always been there and knew exactly what to do and where to go.

Then told me goodbye.

I'd been dismissed.


Oh well.

He came home singing a little ditty about his name.  One I'd never heard before.

"Rickety, tickety bumblebee, will you say your name for me."

He repeated it until bedtime.

Like I said, he had fun and I'm glad.


Annette said...

I'm glad it went well!

ann.e said...

That's awesome - I'm glad for both of you!

Diane said...

Sounds like he did great! :O)

Xmas Dolly said...

Awww How sweet! I'm glad he likes school. Thanks for stopping at my blog, and I hope you come back soon. Maybe even check out my give-aways, in fact I have one ending today! Also, I recently started a new meme if you like music it's called, "Monday's Music Moves Me". I'm your latest follower. Nice to meet you.

L said...

Your son is hilarious.
I'm glad he enjoyed his first day