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The Charming Tyrants

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God didn't promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow, sun without rain, but He did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears and light for the way. - Anon

Monday, April 2, 2012

I had a dream ...

that Charming's Mama posted a new blog. Then I woke up to see HT staring at me willing me awake. It was a chilly morning and he wanted 2 things. To be under the covers where it was warm and my nook so he could play Angry Birds Space.

Since the dream was so vivid I decided I'd post again. I'll apologize in advance that I'm not as eloquent as she is.

HT and I had gone to run a couple of errands and on our way home I guess I was a little bit vocal about someone who was on their phone and not paying attention to their driving. As we passed them HT shook his fist at their car and yelled ARGH!

EM came up to me with tears streaming down his face saying that "Mama said no again". When I asked what it was he wanted he just repeated that Mama said no. Given the evidence on his face I suspect it was no to another cookie but I could be mistaken.

I tried a new recipe over the weekend, a variation of Mongolian Beef made in the crock pot, and HT told me that his taste buds were telling him that it was a little salty. He ate it all, but he was right slow cooking the soy makes it a bit salty, I'll have to tweak the recipe a bit.

I had some friends over for a poker night and EM melted hearts when he shyly asked one of the ladies to pick him up and he cuddled right in.

~Aunt Susan

The picture really has nothing to do with the post, it's just one of my very favorite images of the boys. It is so much what love is.


the domestic fringe said...

Aunt Susan, you're gonna inherit this blog soon if you can't get your sister to sit at her computer soon. ;-)

I enjoy your posts about the boys. They sound like so much fun. So sweet.

Charming's Auntie said...

Yeah, I don't think my diabolical plan to shame her into posting is working.

Anonymous said...

:) Wish we lived closer!
But glad to live vicariously.

-J said...

Aunt Susan did start it after all. Post more, shame less. :)