The Charming Tyrants

The Charming Tyrants

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Six Things

Last night Auntie very generously offered to sit with the kids while Charmings Papa took me out to dinner to a very expensive and very elegant steakhouse called Flemings Steakhouse. The service was a bit slow relaxed but it was nice to have a quiet dinner without the company of our little munchkins.  I had the salmon nicoise salad and it was wonderful.  Papa had the rib-eye and it was very tender and very flavorful.  We could have never afforded to go there but we received a gift certificate for our anniversary.  Thanks Auntie for the night out.

After dinner we walked over to The Devereaux House, where we had our reception.  It is the oldest mansion in the city and has been used for many things since it has been out of family hands.  They say that it is haunted, but if it is the ghosts were happy to celebrate rather than haunt on our special day.

In honor of celebrating our sixth anniversary I thought I would list six things I love about my husband.

 1.  I love that he is very generous and a big tipper.
 2.  I love that he cleans the bathrooms and will even scrub the toilets.
 3.  He is very tender hearted.
 4.  He is a hard worker.
 5.  He's ticklish.
 6.  He knows my faults and limitations and loves me in spite of them.

I love you honey.


Graceful said...

So sweet. He sounds like a good egg! And I love that beautiful mansion where you had your reception -- what a classy place.

Jill said...

#2 on your list is very impressive! I've heard of Flemings, but never had a chance to go. Glad you had a great time.

BTW, thanks for the people at Walmart link. It was so funny!