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The Charming Tyrants

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

First Day

HT started preschool last week.  He is happy to be back.  At least I think he's happy.  He went willingly and pretty much ignored me once he got into the classroom.  Didn't even bother to tell me goodbye.  He was too excited to see all his old friends from last year.  Thing is, I'm pretty sure they all went onto kindergarten and this year he is in the 3 day a week class rather than the 2 day a week class, so not sure he would have seen those who didn't anyway.  He was kinda disappointed.  He told me nobody would talk to him.  I asked him if that was because they were supposed to be listening to the teacher and not to him.  He grudgingly agreed.  He also thinks that as soon as he turns five he will be going on to kindergarten.  He's the tallest kid in his class again this year and I'm sure the most talkative.

When he got home the other day he told me he had made two new friends and he had invited one of them to come home with him, a sweet little girl with blonde hair and blue eyes.  He doesn't get that he can't just do that without getting her mothers approval or for that matter his own mothers.


togetherforgood said...

I used to get in all kinds of trouble for asking people over without permission . . . and I was in like junior high in the time. ;)

Laura said...

what a cutie. I'm glad he's making some new friends

Joyce said...

He looks happy : ) My daughter2 was (is?) the most talkative child in her class most years. She's in uni now but this child still loves to talk! Hope yours has a good year.

I am Harriet said...

Oh sweet!

Enjoy your Wednesday!

Jared said...

Lock up your daughters...

the domestic fringe said...

Kids plan all kinds of things without their parents knowing about it. My neighbor's son invited the whole family over to dinner one weekend. It's a good thing I was suspicious or else we all would have shown up to a dinner we weren't invited to. Kids!

Glad he's making some new friends though. I'm sure by Christmas, they'll all be best of friends.