The Charming Tyrants

The Charming Tyrants

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Friday, December 14, 2012

Happy Birthday to You and You and You and You and Me

There now we are caught up through November 24th.  Well sort of, I may re-hash Halloween and Thanksgiving, but that's another post.

So since I last posted a lot has been going on or at least it seems like a lot, or I could just be making excuses for ignoring this blog and the pleas for another post.  I don't know why you people stick around.

Anyway . . . way back in September we celebrated my sisters birthday and it was a big one, not that I'm telling or anything but there was a 5 and a 0 involved.  Not that she looks a day over 39 again.

Then in October we celebrated EM's third birthday and HT's sixth birthday.  We had one big party for the both of them and invited both friends and family.

We also celebrated my boy's Grandpas seventieth birthday, but looking back through the pictures I failed to get a single one.  We had the lovely privilege of having he and Grandma here for the occasion.

And my birthday . .  well my birthday was spent very nicely.  Hubs took me out for a romantic dinner and the best part is that Amex picked up the tab in a round about way, you see it was their "Shop Local" saturday campaign so we ate at a local restaurant, spent at least $25 and will get a $25 credit on our next bill.  Fabulous!

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