The Charming Tyrants

The Charming Tyrants

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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Color Run

Long about mid September in celebration of someones 50th *cough* (Auntie's) *cough* birthday we had a houseful of people, the most wonderful people in the world and they decided that the monumental thing to do besides the party we had planned for the actual birthday day was to join in the fun of the 5K Color Run.

Team Faberlicious!

Now lest you should start congratulating me on getting off my arse and exercising, I did not go but sent my dear sweet eldest boy instead.  I have issues with my feet and working in retail isn't helping, but that's another story for another day perhaps.  Besides someone needed to take pictures.
Anyway . . . the point of a color run, besides the obvious, there are no winners or losers, is to have fun, that is if you call getting pelted with multi colored chalk along the way fun.  Oh, and they recommend that you wear all white. T-shirts were ordered for the occasion, even though the event provided one as part of the entry fee.

...and they're off!

The aftermath!
Lest you think I walked away unscathed, someone thought it would be funny to place a chalked hand on my backside!

He said he was just adjusting the sticker . . . riiight. . .

I was very proud of my little racer, he ran/walked the whole way.

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Kinga said...

I miss you guys!