The Charming Tyrants

The Charming Tyrants

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tired Eyes

Well all of the Halloween candy is finally gone.

I doled it out one piece at a time.

Don't know why I didn't let them just eat it all in one or two days, because what happened was that I pieced on it also and my waistline doesn't need any more "padding".  Instead of letting their teeth rot all in one or two days, I let them rot over several months.

Nice . . . .

Anyway HT got this pair of glasses in his bucket and is freaked out by them and he refuses to put them on let alone touch them.

But . . .

little brother is not.

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Diane said...

So cute! Glad you got rid of the Halloween candy in time for Valentine's. :O)

jenn said...

Haha. Too cute. I usually let my daughter eat a few pieces of candy a day for a week or two and then I throw out the rest when she's sleeping. (I probably can't get away with that for too many more years.)

Anonymous said...

Those are great glasses! Love em.

Sara said...

Awesome glasses! What is it about little brothers being fearless?

I recently pitched the rest of our Halloween candy. I was piecing it out as well, but when it started becoming breakfast for my youngest, I decided we were done!! :-) Mother of the Year, I know! :-)