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The Charming Tyrants

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Licorice Store...

I like to have a glass of wine once in awhile. Shocking! Anyway in the state we live, purchasing a bottle requires a trip to the state controlled Liquor Store. If HT is with me this generally means his mom is too and they sit in the car while I run in to make my purchase. Well, one afternoon, I told my sister I was going to run over to the the liquor store and HT came flying up the stairs hollering "wait for me, Aunt".

(On a side note, I'm no longer Aunt Susan, I'm just Aunt these days. But that's a story for another day.)

I was a little puzzled because HT is a bit of a homebody and usually doesn't want to come with me to run errands. Since it was just him and me, I couldn't leave him in the car alone, so he came into the store with me. Imagine his disappointment when all he saw was this:

And none of this:

As he asked me where all the licorice was all I could do was laugh.

~Charming's Auntie


Jared said...


Sara said...

That's funny. So, did you take him to go get some licorice? I, too, like a glass of wine once in awhile. What a pain not to be able to just go to the grocery store!!

Charming's Auntie said...

Sara, actually no, we didn't get licorice, he chose to go to Great Harvest where they have a big ole bubble gum machine and get that instead.

L said...

aww, that's priceless.

The Farmer Files said...

Funny, funny. I am from CA and we don't have state controlled liquor stores but we have state controlled Sudafed. It is sanctioned how often you may buy it and you must show your driver's license.