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The Charming Tyrants

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

PHFR - Kids Say the Darnedest Things

Over at Like Mother, Like Daughter they do a weekly link up party called, Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real.  The intent is to capture in words and/or pictures "the context of everyday life" or is it "contentment" anyway I have linked up with them once before and thought I would do so again today.


We had our first snow fall of the season two weeks ago, before the trees dropped all their leaves and it was really pretty.  Especially when the sun peeked through the clouds and made it all sparkly.  I was glad that it didn't last very long.  

But the boys took full advantage.


Sometimes it really is the simplest little things that make you happy, like finding a love note in post-it note form stuck the the computer screen yesterday morning.

A surprise play date with a friend.

A visit from your nephew before he moves to a foreign country.


So, funny story . . .  the other night we were sitting down to supper and HT asked about the menu when I put some chicken crispers in front of him, he inquired if they had bones in them.  His Auntie quickly assured him that they did not, then she asked him if he had bones in him, he assured her that he did and she continued with, "Are you sure?  Do you have bones here (pointing to his arm) and here (pointing to his hands) and what about here (grabbing his little finger)?"  

He felt each body part and assured her again that he did.  

Then in all seriousness he said, "I know somewhere that doesn't have any bones."  

"Really?" was her reply, "Where?"

That's when he told her his p***s,  didn't have any bones.  I am not going to spell out the word for you because I don't want any undesirables googling that word and landing on my blog but I will tell you that he was referring to his "daddy parts".

If those chicken crispers had had bones in them we would have all choked on them, trying to stifle our laughter.

Smart boy.  I felt it necessary as his mother to point out that his nose and his outer ears also do not have any bones in them.


This boy does love a bucket and it makes him very happy to dump the contents and run up and down the hallway with it on his head.

Even if it does make it difficult to get to ones nose.  He also has caused me more grey hair in his two short years, than his brother has in five.  He's the reason it has taken me all day to get this post written.

And I love him still.

round button chicken


Leila said...

Haha! Very funny! Thanks for posting!

Hunca Munca said...

LOL at your "funny" part of this! I know what you mean about the second child who causes more gray hair in 2 years than the first does in 5...yup, I totally get that. Love those boys! Aren't we fabulously blessed!