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The Charming Tyrants

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Say Cheese

I took the boys into Kiddie Kandids to get their pictures taken last month, (perhaps you noticed the new header) and they turned out fabulous, I just might be partial though but I think I have two of the handsomest boys on the planet and by far the most charming . . .


That's not the point of this post, well sort of . . .

I have bemoaned my struggles with making a photo collage with my severely lacking computer and software and can't really afford any fancy upgrades of photo editing software so I have had to make do with its limitations, which left me frustrated and discontent.

That was until one of my blogging buddies clued me in.

Have you heard about

It's free and easy to use.

So I have been making collages, lots of them, maybe you've noticed on a few of the last several posts.

See I told you they were handsome.

The free service is a little bit limiting as you can only upload 5 pictures at a time and there are only 12 basic collage layout to choose from but you can increase or decrease the spacing between your photos, change the shadow color, add rounded corners among other options, but once you are done you can save the collage to your hard drive, where you can then upload it to your blog or anyplace else you desire.

So yeah, give it a shot.

You too could make fabulous collages like these.

And just so you know picknik has no idea who I am or that I wrote this review,  I just like their service and thought I would share.  It's too good of a good thing not to share.

And before you holler at me about copyright infringement I bought the CD and the rights to publish the pictures.


Joyce said...

Your boys are so adorable...they have great smiles!

Laura said...

those are wonderful photos! Your boys are pretty darn cute :)
I started using piknik a little while ago and I agree with you, it's a little limiting, but it does all the basics I want. I like the collage options, it's enough for me .

Hunca Munca said...

VERY handsome boys. You must be happy with those pictures. They couldn't have turned out better. Thanks for the tip about I have used Costco's collage photo software but of course that requires a Costco membership, not easy on a budget. Cheers!