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The Charming Tyrants

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Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Re-Cap

I thought that I would do a Christmas re-cap before this year was over and as you can see I'm barely going to make it.  So here goes.  Warning, it's going to be heavy on pictures, 'cuz that's what the people want . . . well okay it's what I want.

HT excited to see what's in his stocking.

EM concerned about what might be in his stocking.
The boys really had fun opening presents and it was fun watching them.  Well I should say HT had fun opening presents, EM was decidedly more into checking out the box full of bows or seeing what had already been opened.  I have added a few captions to the pictures, that I'm sure if EM could use words instead of baby talk he would have been saying.

EM "unwrapping" the bows.

"No really Mama, these are much more interesting than presents."

"Wow, look what HT got, can I play with it, rather than open my present."

"Say, there's a button here to push, wonder how long it will take to
drive everybody nuts."

"Aren't you done yet, I wanna go for a ride!"
 EM can say a few words, like "car" and "go" and "uh-oh".

"Look this is where it goes."


Joyce said...

So cute in their little red pjs...Happy New Year!

L said...

Just seeing this post now. i LOVE those denim stockings! What a fun idea. Did you make them?